Top 4 Reasons Men Cheat in Affairs



You believed that the man standing next to you shared your commitment to staying true to you and never leaving you for another woman or women when you got up and made your vows, including the phrase “until death do us part.” Now you sit there pondering what occurred, whether it was your fault, what went wrong, and what makes her so superior to or unique from other people.

The point is, she is not remarkable in any way; she was simply in the wrong place at the wrong time. Before you continue to doubt yourself, it is imperative to keep in mind that, statistically speaking, you are not alone. When you are mentally disturbed and did not get relief from your wife, you will sense that i think i hate my wife.

Let’s start by stating that 90% of couples will experience infidelity at some point, whether it be a sexual, emotional, or online affair. This alarming trend is rising due to women joining previously male-dominated sectors and social networking sites connecting people with ex-girlfriends and ex-boyfriends, creating the possibility for “friends” to develop into something more, destroying families and households.

But in addition to this shocking revelation, two further studies reveal that only 12% of men who admitted to having affairs claimed the other woman was more attractive than their wives. Only 8% of respondents claimed that their partner’s departure was primarily motivated by sexual unhappiness.

Why do males actually cheat then? The top 4 explanations given by males for cheating are as follows:

  1. The need to win and the excitement of the pursuit. The joy of getting another woman to sleep with them enhances their ego and self-esteem, making them feel like they still have it, which is why many men report pursuing sex outside of their marriage merely to test whether they “can do it.” If you will, another dent in the bedpost to demonstrate that they are still a man. No matter how bad it may be, the desire or need to have an affair nevertheless prevails.
  2. The romance and spontaneity that formerly existed in the relationship are gone. We frequently put having fun on the back burner because of marriage, kids, bills, and other commitments. We stop sharing the tiny things that used to make us chuckle with one another. We stopped engaging in activities that piqued one another’s curiosity.

What husbands frequently fail to recognize is that this is a two-way street and that not only their wife, but they as well, have engaged in this. The adventure they encounter with a new woman gives them a sense of aliveness and fills a hole they perceive to exist.

  1. That his love for his wife has faded. Here is where the awful statement “I love you, but I am not in love with you” and the emotional affair come into play. He believes he has stopped loving his wife because he is in love with another lady. The issue with this is that he is unaware that everything is chemical. This topic encompasses far more than can be covered in a single article. There is further information at the conclusion of the article if you are someone who has heard this.
  2. The obvious sexual motivation for infidelity is the next. A guy may commit the unthinkable act even knowing it would hurt their family if their family found out if they are not getting what they believe they need sexually from their wife any longer, it has gotten too routine, or they simply need to experience something new. When you did not get attention from your wife, your focus will be on one thing that i think i hate my wife.

Regardless of the reasons, what most affairs boil down to is the man’s inability to express what is happening or what he wants. He will cite a change in the power dynamic as the cause, or that his wife gets angry too easily, or that she was too busy to notice that he felt ignored, left out, etc. But keep in mind that no matter what you did, the affair was never your responsibility because it did not give him permission to leave.

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