Building a Blog Website – Before, During, After

Blogging is currently an easy method for you to be able to express yourself or showing people your interests or your hobbies. There are several blogs in the market already and each you have their own different take. There will be fashion blogs, journals, food critic blogs, travel blogs and so on. If you have been eyeing on creating a blog for such a long time but you may not know how to start, this is the perfect article for you. This article will highlight creating a blog website is not that hard

Here would be the steps on how best to start blogging:

Before signing up

Why are you currently signing up?

This is actually the first question you should ask yourself. Why are you currently signing up? What for? You must have a purpose on why you are blogging otherwise; you will not continuously blog. You will have no drive to consecutively post entries. If you have no reason, it’ll just be considered a waste of time for you to sign up

What’ll your blog be about?

As stated above, you need to have a niche. Have you been into fashion? Then make a fashion blog wherein you are able to post your outfits or make fashion reviews. Do you want capturing or photography? Then make that while the focal point of your blog. The topic of your blog will also be your target audience. Those who also love fashion or photography for example, could be the ones attracted to your blog

During signing up

What is your domain name?

Your domain name will be your username. It will be what you would be known for. Other bloggers or readers will remember you by your domain name and so you will need to produce your domain name interesting. Ensure that the domain name you select lasts you a very long time because people might not be able to follow you anymore if you change it all the time

What site will be your host?

You don’t have to create a website site on your own. Building a blog website is simple if you simply use the tools that you’ll find in the internet. You will find those sites that you simply need to fill up and customize to your own liking. Choose a website host that you includes a user-friendly interface. In this manner, you may not have to be a technology to be able to know how to use it

What settings do you wish to change?

There will be default settings for the blog site but there would also be ways on how best to customize them. You are able to change the backdrop color of your site or the fonts used. You may also add some of your daily reads on the side. You are able to put links of the sites you frequently visit. There will be several settings you are able to change the way you want to.

After creating a blog website and if you are prepared, you can now post your 1st entry.


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